newsgroup faq

Thomas A. Fine <>
Date: Tue, 18 May 93 21:26:29 -0400
From: Thomas A. Fine <>
Message-id: <>
Subject: newsgroup faq
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I'm going to build an FAQ.  Please send me questions you think will be
asked frequently, preferably with answers.  Keep the answers SHORT.
About one XMosaic screen is a good measure. :-)

Here is a list of questions I expect to include already:

What is WWW?
What is hypertext?
What is HTML?
What is a URL?
What is Gopher?
What is WAIS?
What is SGML?
What is MIME?
What is HTPS?

How do I pronounce it?
Is this newsgroup archived?
Where did this all start?

Philosophy/Flame topics
Why shouldn't there be real formatting control in HTML?
Why is it important to comply with SGML?
Why shouldn't we keep adding neat things to HTML?

What browsers are out there?
Are there any editors out there?
Is there software to convert XXX to html?
Is there software to convert html to XXX?
To do list

How do I get better key bindings in the text and textfield windows