Gopher path to URL mapping? (Mitra)
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From: (Mitra)
Subject: Gopher path to URL mapping?
Organization: Pandora Systems
Date: Thu, 20 May 1993 23:20:15 GMT
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I'm looking for a mapping from gopher paths to URL's and in particular
wonder how xMosaic, and in general WWW handles it, at first I thought
it could be done by simplistically going  


but although this works to retrieve files and menus, it fails for the
type 7 query, this takes two forms - either with or without a search

I believe it was proposed that with a search term it should read 


but then what does a term without a query look like. 


wont work because there is no way for a client to know that it needs to
prompt the user for a search term, or does WWW always obtain a type from
somewhere other than the URL?

- Mitra