httpd-2.03, puzzle (Michael Helm)
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From: (Michael Helm)
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1993 08:50:53 PDT
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Subject: httpd-2.03, puzzle
I've been using the httpd-0.9 daemon on a Sun running SunOS 4.1.3.  I
need to run the daemon on another platform for which only httpd-2.x
daemons are available, so I thot I'd give that revision level a try on
the Sun.  I tried both the 2.02 & 2.03 daemons on the Sun.  I can't
get them to do anything useful.  Here's is what the daemon tells me :

Daemon: net read returned 28, errno=0 New anchor 24040 has hash 76 and
address `/var/adm/www/test.html' HTAccess: loading document
/var/adm/www/test.html HTFile: can't stat //WWW///var/adm/www/test.html
FTP: Looking for /var/adm/www/test.html HTTPAccess: Can't find internet
node name `'. HTAccess: Can't access `/var/adm/www/test.html' IP: PASSIVE
socket 0 assumed from inet daemon Daemon: Reading socket 0 from host Log: Fri Apr 9 14:46:39 1993 GET
/var/adm/www/test.html HTAccess: Opening
`//WWW///var/adm/www/test.html' gives -1 TCP: Local host name is inti TCP:
Error 13 in `errno' after call to FTP file load() failed. Permission denied
Daemon: Socket 0 disconnected by peer

This is the real address of the document on the daemon's file system:

Why did it manufacture this garbage? : //WWW///var/adm/www/test.html

I looked at the source code for 2.02 but it didn't seem to match
up with what I saw happening, or else (or also) I didn't understand it.
Perhaps it's irrelevant, because I couldn't get this material to
compile so it is probably not what was used to compile the
daemon binaries available.  I also couldn't find anything in the
online documentation that differed from the treatment of the
earlier httpd.

This is the map file I used:
map / /test.html
map /*  /var/adm/www/*
pass /var/adm/www/*
fail *

I have this in /etc/httpd.conf also.

Any advice?  If you respond, please cc me directly, I'm not sure
I'm on this mailing list yet.

Michael Helm  (