Re: More than just HTML (was Re: Poetry and Maths) (Neal Holtz)
From: (Neal Holtz)
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Subject: Re: More than just HTML (was Re: Poetry and Maths)
To: (Thomas A. Fine)
Date: Tue, 25 May 93 11:30:56 EDT
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Thomas A. Fine writes:
> I really think we're going the wrong way here.  HTML was always meant
> to be a small, even minimal document type.  The promised strong point
> of the web would be multiple document types, all tied together within
> a structure of HTML documents.
There is certainly a danger of a very good idea becoming bloated with
too many things.  On the other hand, as one example ...
> HTML only provides the framework by which lots of other document types
> are accessed.  You want to do lot's of neat TeX things?  Use TeX. 

The kind of documents I am most interested in are about 50\% math
and 50\% text with {\em lots} of cross-references.  It is important
that the math appear in-line with the document.  A typical unit (node)
is 1/2 page.  I worry about performance if, for example, the math
portion is farmed out to TeX/xdvi for rendering, and I wonder whether
an acceptable cacheing scheme can be found (perhaps it can).

I was attracted to HTML for this purpose because of the nice tools
that are now available, in contrast to other mechanisms.

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