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Bill Janssen <>
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Date: 	Thu, 27 May 1993 12:14:29 PDT
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From: Bill Janssen <>
Subject: Re: RE dtd2.html
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Excerpts from ext.WorldWideWeb: 27-May-93 Re: RE dtd2.html Tony (1875)

> If you don't like them and believe they are void of content
> then simply ignore them in your browser.

Well, that's not a terrible solution, but I still don't like it.  If the
man page formatting means something, it should be translated to what it
means.  If it doesn't, it should be dropped.  In either case, having
constructs like <I> in HTML will only lead to more cases of this same
problem; that is, you have some formatting (underlines, italics, bold)
in your document, but you don't know why.