HMTL+ DTD remarks

Terry Allen <>
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From: Terry Allen <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 1993 15:32:11 PDT
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Subject: HMTL+ DTD remarks
Regarding Tim BL's remark earlier today that STRONG has meaning,
I was wrong to lump it in with B, I, and U, which I'd like to
see dropped.  But let me deprecate STRONG on typographic 
grounds.  As very little writing routinely uses extra emphasis,
we don't have an established font change that indicates such
extra emphasis.  I think you're most likely to see italics
for emphasis and italic all caps for extra emphasis in today's
printed books.  If that degree of extra emphasis is satisfactory,
it is within the reach of authors with the STRONG tag.

If it is desired to distinguish between different fonts in the
original (scanned) document, when the reason those fonts were
used is unknown, it wouldn't it be less taxing to use a REMAP
attribute (<EMPHASIS REMAP="wasbolditalic">)?  

As for FLYLEAF, let me suggest calling all this front matter 
stuff META.  One might want to insist on some minimal order
in it, such as that the title come first.  Tim's right---no
knowing what we'll be publishing in a few years.  HTML+ might
be used for technical papers, recipes, or cartoons.  


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