Re: Keeping HTML Simple & Format negotiation between Browser & Server (frans van hoesel)
Date: Fri, 28 May 93 11:26:20 +0200
From: (frans van hoesel)
Message-id: <9305280926.AA00865@Xtreme>
Subject: Re: Keeping HTML Simple & Format negotiation between Browser & Server

keep it simple being the key phrase (tony Sanders wrote)
and advertised his scheme for doing x,y mouse coordinate transfers

I'm new to this mailing list, and I strongly feel the need for feedback
of which part of the image has been clicked on (not neccesarely into
rectanle divided), but I would like to make it simple for writers
of documents too... 

Having the scheme of tony means that I, as provider of the document
have to write some horrible script for deciding if the mouse click
was inside my circle on the image or outside.

As I don't know all the arguments that were used in favour or against his
scheme, I can imagen some 'new' ones here:

1) not terrible simple for the document provider,
2) no feedback possible on the browserside
   (if the browser would no that a certain part of the image is linked
    to some document, it could highlight it whenever the use puts its
    mouse over it... this has the advantage that If I presented to user
    with a picture of some buildings, but only two of them are linked,
    the user would not get frustrated while clicking on the other buildings)
3) a 'simple' solution in my view is a document that would allow
   pictures to be overlayed on top of each other, with a certain picture
   color transferred into transparant (white, and black are two usefull
   choices, but any color should be selectable)

-- just my blurb

- frans