RE htmlplus.dtd of 1 June

Terry Allen <>
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From: Terry Allen <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1993 09:22:15 PDT
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Subject: RE htmlplus.dtd of 1 June
Thanks to Dave Raggett for making this available.  It is 
shaping up nicely.  A few comments:

PANEL is like a Sidebar; it floats, as FIGs may.  It seedms
to me that there needs to be a default anchor point (not
the ANCHOR element, necessarily, just an anchor) for floats,
such that one can say the object may be placed at that point
or after, but not before.  

The same issue of anchor points pertains to <P MARGIN>, a
marginal note.  Unless these have anchors in the text to
which they pertain, they can be placed only by sticking them
right into that text.  This is how I do my footnotes in Tex,
but it isn't the clearest thing to read when you look at the

I am confused by INPUT and the remark that it goes to make
up Forms.  Would someone please give an example of usage?


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