Re: Gopher support in X Mosaic, cosmetic suggestion (Marc Andreessen)
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 93 01:56:44 -0500
From: (Marc Andreessen)
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To: Edward Vielmetti <>
Cc:, Martin Hamilton <>,
Subject: Re: Gopher support in X Mosaic, cosmetic suggestion 
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Edward Vielmetti writes:
> > this server will automatically generate HTML listings of a gopher directory
> > without going through gopherd.
> Very interesting.  I'm using the "gn" gopher server here; is there a
> similar server already built to handle its "menu" files?  (If not, 
> hm, should be easy enough to build...)

Yup, should be pretty easy -- the other Gopher stuff in the NCSA
server was done by a skilled undergrad in a couple of days.
(Unfortunately, he's off writing 3DO software for the summer...

We are planning on putting Gopher visual type indication right in
Mosaic; the bitmaps will be built into the source code so the
performance hit should be negligible and, as was pointed out, they
will be present when talking directly to Gopher servers (by far the
most popular way to tie into Gopher directory hierarchies).