Central index of internet resources

From: joe@athena.mit.edu
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 93 16:20:51 -0400
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Subject: Central index of internet resources 

Do you have a term paper, report, internal documentation, how-to,
lecture notes that may be of use to the net as a whole?  If so.....



The UU-NNA Meta-library is a central WWW server containing an index of
various information sources.  It is currently in beta-test and will be
open to the public on 1 July 1993.  If you have a material or service
which you would like listed in the index, please fill out this form
and send it to joe@athena.mit.edu.  Examples of source material which
may be indexed are term papers, lecture notes, internal documentation,
short how-to's, etc. etc.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE SOURCE MATERIAL!!!!  The library is serves simply
as an index to materials on the Internet.  I don't have the disk space
to store the material itself.....

School and department the source material should be classifed as:

Author of the material:

Title of the material:

Description of the material:

Format of the material (the preferred format is Hypertext Markup Language):

Keywords for the material:

How do you wish to make the material available (supported methods are
anonymous ftp, gopher, world-wide-web, and wais).

What is the location of the material (i.e. if by anonymous ftp, give the
machine and filename of the material, if by wais, give a search that will
get the material etc., etc.).  If you can give me a universal resource
locator, please do so.