Cello beta 0.4 released

tom@begbick.law.cornell.edu (Thomas R. Bruce)
From: tom@begbick.law.cornell.edu (Thomas R. Bruce)
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Subject: Cello beta 0.4 released
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Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1993 10:23:25 -0400
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Cello beta version 0.4 is now available on 
fatty.law.cornell.edu, directory pub/LII/Cello.

The new version fixes the following:

-- Assorted GPFs resulting primarily from Developer Silliness.
   (scattered reports)
-- Problems with quoting of SRC attribute in <IMG> tags.  Net 
   result was an inability to retrieve image files on some 
   (reported by Alert Cellist Nick Williams)
-- Text, title, and status bar backgrounds are now set to match 
   Windows system color, rather than defaulting to white.
   (reported by Alert Cellist Nick Williams)
-- Complete Windows crash caused by jumps to "empty" or 
   unavailable Gopher links is now fixed.
   (reported by Alert Cellists Paul Birch and Lars Johansen)
-- Isolated WAIS crashes repaired
   (reported by Alert Cellist Paul Birch, who will now be able 
   to read the Bluegrass archives undisturbed)
-- Problems with whitespace in files mailed to someone.

There are numerous small UI enhancements, no one of which is 
worth writing up.  I have also made a few small changes to the 
default home page, where there was at least one incorrect URL.

Unsolved mysteries of science:

   The Machine from Hell at Cornell continues to suffer from 
   FTP hangs on files > 4K bytes.  It appears that the upcall 
   mechanism isn't working correctly.  Anyone suffering from this 
   problem please contact me directly.

Viewer news:

   A Windows MPEG viewer is available at
   There are assorted files to get depending on your video 
   hardware.  It seems to run OK with Cello, but not 
   necessarily with my video hardware (grin).  Anybody who
   wants to do some experimentation and report to CELLO-L is 
   hereby warmly invited to do so.


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