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Mark Leggott <>
From: Mark Leggott <>
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Date: Fri, 18 Jun 93 14:35:54 -0400
Subject: NeXT client
Sorry if I am covering ground covered elsewhere (FAQ's), but I  
thought this might be an appropriate forum for my questions.

I am investigating the possibility of using WWW as the central app  
for our proposed electronic library system (Xel - Xavier electronic  
library).  Having come here recently (2 months ago) from a  
CD-ROM/Hypertext company, WWW appeals to me for a number of reasons.   
I have also worked with various _SGML_, or _SGML-like_ engines (OWL  
Guide, CDAuthor Hypertext, KRS, PLS, Hyperwriter, WorldView, IDEAS,  
Mark-It, etc) and would like to build on that.

The library has four NeXT machines, which will form the seed of the  
system, and they will be the platform where capabilities of the Web  
are first demonstrated (I hope).  I would like to prepare a demo of a  
home page providing access to regional resources (ie. telnet'ing to  
other library catalogues, ftp sites, etc) sometime in the next few  

I realize the latest version (0.16) of the NeXT Hypermedia  
Browser/Editor does not support telnet, gopher, etc., but I would  
like to use the NeXT for these early demos if possible.  Besides, I  
am new to NeXT, love it, and would like to use it for document  
creation/development. Once I get into the development environment in  
more detail I would be interested in helping in any way I can with  
the NeXT WWW app. 

- Does anybody have a NeXT browser that supports these functions, or  
is there a way to telnet from the current version in some way?  

- If not, I have recently loaded MouseX for X11R5 - does anybody have  
any experience with Viola or other X11 apps using this version?   
Should I obtain a different X app for NeXT that has been proven with  
some of these?  

- I have also recently loaded the Cello app, but would like to stay  
away from DOS/Windows if possible for now.

I appreciate any info you may be able to provide, and am looking  
forward to working with WWW and the Web development community.


Mark Leggott, NeXT Administrator / Database&Network Coordinator
Angus L. MacDonald Library, St. Francis Xavier University
Antigonish, Nova Scotia, E2G 1C0  Canada      

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