Re: Simple access control

Tony Sanders <>
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Subject: Re: Simple access control 
In-Reply-To: Nathan Torkington's message of Thu, 24 Jun 93 20:24:55 +1200.
Organization: Berkeley Software Design, Inc.
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1993 12:32:35 -0500
From: Tony Sanders <>
> Which servers have the ability to deny connections based on hostname?

Actually, Plexus has something like this but it was just a quick hack
to play around with (it uses IP numbers right now, like I said it was
just a quick hack).

It's if anyone wants to play around
with it and make it work right.


While I'm at it I'll announce Plexus 2.2-Beta which can be had from		(old tar format)		(new ustar format)

I'm running this on now and it seems to be doing just fine.
Notable changes are image decoding is much better (you just define a
configuration file *and* it supports rectangles, thanks to Chris McRae
for doing this).  Also, Plexus 2.2-beta is ready to support format
negotiation, I include a setext -> HTML converter (it currently doesn't
negotiate, it just converts).  It still needs work in this area but it
should be pretty easy to add new converters.

Let me know soon if you have any problems, I'll be releasing it soon.

I really think you'll like the new image decoding stuff that Chris did,
it's quite easy to add image decoding now.

Changes to Plexus from Previous Versions

Plexus 2.2

* added support for document translation (lots of changes in
* added to convert from setext (.etx) to HTML
* added better image decoding support thanks to Chris McRae
  <>.  You can now specify image decoding
  in a configuration file ($MAP_CONFIG_FILE) and you can use
  bitmasks or rectangles.  In most cases you don't have to write
  any code!  Things like bookmark are more complicated and still
  require code, but few things really need that.
* &send_file went away and was replaced with: &wrap_file, &wrap_fd,
  &raw_file, &raw_fd.   &require is certainly the only stable
  interface at this point (though I don't see &raw_fd changing again).
  &wrap_* will probably have to change again to make file translations
  work "right".
* added support for hypertext'ed man pages from pre-formatted files.
  In this initial release they are specific to bsdi man pages
  but should be easy to configure for your local system (most of the
  config options are at the top of the file).
* added some log file summerizing scripts