New Version of The Emacs Browser For W3 (.04b)

"William M. Perry" <>
Message-id: <>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1993 09:48:14 -0500
From: "William M. Perry" <>
Subject: New Version of The Emacs Browser For W3 (.04b)
Hello All,
   This is to announce yet another version of my WWW browser for emacs.  It
supports Epoch, Lucid, and vanilla emacs.  Lucid&Epoch support fonts and
highlighting.  The Epoch version now supports graphics (bitmaps, gifs,
group3 faxes, raster, X window-dumps, X icons, graymaps, PICT, MacPaint
files, and Targa files) - this requires that Epoch was compiled with
HAVE_XPM defined, and also needs the pbmplus package (or some other way to
convert the images into an XPixMap that epoch can understand).  It also
supports all tags except for news links.  The Lucid Emacs now supports
setting the fonts for headers, etc in your .Xresources file.

    The package is available via anonymous ftp from in
/pub/elisp/w3.  Get the w3.tar.Z file if you are upgrading from an earlier
version.  Get w3.tar.Z & extras.tar.Z if this is the first time.
extras.tar.Z contains:
   Package            Author
   -------            ------
   ange-ftp: Andy Norman,
 background: Joseph G. Keane <jk3k+@ANDREW.CMU.EDU>
transparent: Brian Tompsett,
     gopher: scott snyder <>
      forms: Johan Vromans (

  Please drop me a line if you grab the package, just so I have some idea
of how many people are using it. :)  Suggestions for improvements, bug
reports, and bug fixes are all welcome.

  Some documentation on w3-mode is in

	Bill Perry

-- William M. Perry ( --
Probably the earliest flyswatters were nothing more than some sort of
striking surface attached to the end of a long stick.

  Here is an excerpt of the changelog file since the last release:
Tue Apr 13 08:30:58 1993  William M. Perry  (
* v.04b
* Fixed graphic support to work over http links (Epoch Only)
* Fixed graphic support so it will figure out if the conversion failed
  or not - warning message if it did.
Mon Apr 12 07:35:40 1993  William M. Perry  (
* v.03b
* Fixed lemacs support so it doesn't nuke your xdefaults.  Also fixed
  the passing of face-objects, since they are screen-specific, and
  therefore a Bad Thing.  Thanks to Jamie Zawinski (
* Changed menu code so that it put the link # in there also.  Helpful
  for when the links are unnamed, or named 'here' or 'this'.  Thanks
  to Jamie Zawinski ( for saying the menus were hosed.

Sun Apr 11 16:30:44 1993  William M. Perry  (
* Fixed graphics support for epoch - would only do 1 image per page.
* Fixed a few typos - thanks to

Fri Apr  9 00:18:47 1993  William M. Perry  (
* Added graphics support for epoch (doesn't work over http, pretty
  much hardwired for me right now - commented out in the release)
* v.02b
* Several bug fixes (link finding, name fixing, others) - thanks to for the fixes.
* Added's zone-imitation functions for normal emacs.
  Also wrote corresponding forward&back link code.  I wrote the forward&
  back code for epoch&lemacs.

Thu Apr  8 13:23:27 1993  William M. Perry  (
* Fixed being able to jump forward over non-links in []s. Thanks to
* Fixed telnet handling - thanks to for noticing
  it and for a preliminary fix.  Refined his fix.  Problem was that
  telnet wasn't getting enough time to start before I sent it a
* Fixed a few regular expressions - thanks to
* Fixed bug in w3-add-document-hotlist which caused an error if the
  hotlist file didn't already exist.  Thanks to
  for noticing it.