Re: RE two PREs (Kenneth Chang)
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 93 23:05:47 -0500
Message-id: <>
From: (Kenneth Chang)
Subject: Re: RE two PREs
>> = Terry
> = Dave Raggett

>> Presently in xmosaic PRE is presented in a typewriter font; this is okay
>> for code examples (unless you have in-line annotations that you want 
>> distinguished from the code) but not for all forms of text that should
>> be displayed verbatim (poetry).  So either two PREs are needed, or the
>> font change in PRE should be invoked specifically, perhaps by using
>> CODE inside PRE.
>HTML+ has a style attribute for the PRE tag with just such ideas in mind:
><!-- Preformatted text with fixed pitch font,
>     respecting original spacing and newlines.
>     The style attribute allows authors to specify
>     alternative styles, e.g. "poem" which browsers
>     could render in a proportional font.

I think Terry's solution of requiring a <CODE> to get a fixed-width
font within a PRE is simpler and more general. Right now, I come across
things such as addresses, e.g.

National Center for Supercomputing Applications
405 E. Springfield Avenue
Champaign, Illinois 61820

that there really isn't any way to code in HTML sensibly. It certainly
isn't a poem, either.

--ken chang
  NCSA Publications