Re: RE two PREs (Kenneth Chang)
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 93 23:51:37 -0500
Message-id: <>
From: (Kenneth Chang)
Subject: Re: RE two PREs
Marc Andreesen (over in the next building) writes:

>A line-break primitive would solve that and keep <pre> pure (the whole
>point behind <pre> is that it's preformatted in ASCII and browsers
>shouldn't screw around with that formatting; it shouldn't simply mean
>"newlines significant").

No. It should mean "newlines and spaces significant."

Since one can already imbed codes in PRE sections, the
browsers are already screwing around with the formatting. A line
break primitive makes for messy coding (I sure wouldn't want to
format Shakespeare with it). 

I need one of two things:

a) PRE defaults to the proportional spaced font.


b) A primitive (<R> for Roman?) that forces the viewer to use the
proportional spaced font.

--ken chang
  NCSA Publications