Re: DNS & WWW (Michael Helm)
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From: (Michael Helm)
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1993 12:03:45 PDT
In-Reply-To: (David C. Martin)
       "DNS & WWW" (Apr 14, 10:50am)
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Subject: Re: DNS & WWW
On Apr 14, 10:50am, David C. Martin wrote:
> MX records are probably closest to what you want, since they allow for
> multiple machines to be specified as mail exchange hosts with weighting
> for the preferred and non-preferred hosts.

Perhaps someone should begin thinking about this & working
with the people who work on the DNS standards.  I'm not
sure WKS is used for much of anything & whether every implementation
can deal with it -- it never caut on.  Maybe a new kind of
record is needed, analogous to MX records, an IX record for
information exchangers?