Re: forwarded message from A Server Maintainer

Tony Sanders <>
Message-id: <9309270152.AA08459@austin.BSDI.COM>
Subject: Re: forwarded message from A Server Maintainer 
In-Reply-To: Marc Andreessen's message of Sun, 26 Sep 93 19:33:38 CDT.
Organization: Berkeley Software Design, Inc.
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1993 20:52:42 -0500
From: Tony Sanders <>
> Re the switch to HTTP/1.0 and the CERN daemon, a number of existing
> sites are having problems like the following.  Is there anything that
> can be done on the daemon software side to have this go more smoothly.
> >[HTStreamStack] Constructing stream stack for www/mime to www/present
> >[HTStreamStack] Constructing stream stack for application/binary to www/present
> >                                              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>  pass  /  file:/home/www/Homepage
The server looks at the file extenstion to decide what kind of file it
is.  You can control this in the rule file with suffix lines.  Homepage
needs to be Homepage.html.  Here is a list that should cover most setups
(assumes long file names, but you get the picture):

#      <suffix>	<representation>		<encoding> [<quality>]
 suffix  .html	text/html			7bit
 suffix  .rtx	text/richtext			7bit
 suffix  .etx	text/x-setext			7bit		0.9
 suffix  .txt	text/plain			7bit		0.5
 suffix  .ps	application/postscript		binary
 suffix  .dvi	application/x-dvi		binary
 suffix  .hdf	application/x-hdf		binary
 suffix  .snd	audio/basic			binary
 suffix  .au	audio/basic			binary
 suffix  .aif	audio/x-aiff			binary
 suffix  .wav	audio/x-wav			binary
 suffix  .gif	image/gif			binary
 suffix  .jpg	image/jpeg			binary
 suffix  .tif	image/tiff			binary
 suffix  .xbm	image/x-xbitmap			binary
 suffix  .mpg	video/mpeg			binary
 suffix  .mov	video/quicktime			binary
 suffix  .avi	video/x-msvideo			binary
 suffix  .movie	video/x-sgi-movie		binary
 suffix  *.*	application/octet-stream	binary		0.1
 suffix  *	text/plain			7bit

Refer to
(and the MIME RFC) for a more complete listing.