remote learning using Mosaic (Vinay Kumar)
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 93 10:14:52 PDT
From: (Vinay Kumar)
Message-id: <9309281714.AA24931@eit.COM>
Subject: remote learning using Mosaic
[I Apologize if you are seeing two copies of this mail.]

Is there any interest out there in using XMosaic for doing WYSWIS (What You
See is What I See) kind of collaborations ? That is, XMosaic clients on
multiple machines being able to display the same URL simultaneously. I did
an overnight hack that runs over standard Unicast-IP for point-to-point 
conferencing as well as over Multicast-IP (Internet RFC-1054, hope this is the 
latest one) for multipoint situations. So, in general, any participant can 
click on any hyperlink and the URL gets displayed on all the different 
xmosaic's. It is not too robust since i have not implemented any detailed 
conference managing functions yet, but works, and works very well if aided
by real-time audio/video communication as well. I personally have found it 
fairly useful.

In any case, I am willing to share the recompiled xmosaic-1.2 sun-binaries 
for those of you who wish to test proof of this concept. 

Send me e-mail with your comments, requests etc.., please be polite !

  Vinay Kumar			""