Re: simple HTML list considered harmful (Jon E. Mittelhauser)
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Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1993 12:18:29 -0700
To: (Lou Montulli),
From: (Jon E. Mittelhauser)
Subject: Re: simple HTML list considered harmful
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At 11:39 AM 9/29/93 CDT, Lou Montulli wrote:
>If I was a normal user (at times I consider myself normal), I would
>find this completely insane.  When I want to do a linebreak I put
>in a linebreak tag, it should be as simple as that.  

Total agreement here.  That's why the Windows and Mac versions of Mosaic already
support the <BR> tag and the X-version is about to...

>Many of you will say that this won't matter once we have WYSIWYG editors,
>but 'I don't see no editors', and I have the feeling I never will.



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