Lynx 2.0.10 Now Available (Lou Montulli)
From: (Lou Montulli)
Message-id: <>
Subject: Lynx 2.0.10 Now Available
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 93 18:05:49 CDT
X-Mailer: ELM [version 2.3 PL2]
Status: RO

Lynx Ver. 2.0.10 is now available for anonymous ftp from    as   /pub/lynx/lynx2-0-10.tar.Z

( )

 *NOTE: This is a new ftp site.
	The old ftp site (acs220) is no longer valid. will be the new PERMANENT ftp
	site!  Acs220 will carry a README file explaining
	the new site information for a period of at least
	two to three weeks.

Lynx is a distributed hypertext browser with full World Wide Web
capibilities.  For an explanation of features and a demo, telnet
to "" and login as "www".

This release of Lynx has been compiled by me on the following platforms:

 o  IBM (AIX 3.2)
 o  DEC (Ultrix, VMS)
 o  Sun 3 and 4
 o  NeXT (Mine is an older version of NeXTStep, but it should work 
         with newer ones too.)

Binaries for the following platforms are available:

 o  IBM (AIX 3.2, will work with 3.1 as well)
 o  Ultrix
 o  Sun 4
 o  VMS (for multinet)

A new listserv list has been created for the distribution of
Lynx related information and updates.
Send a subscribe request to to
be added to the list.  All new releases will be anounced on this

The following new features have been added:
  o  IMG tags are recognized and the word [IMAGE] appears in its place. 
        (not in VMS)
  o  "mailto:" URL's are now supported.
  o  Document owners can now be defined using the "link" tag.
	<link rev=made href="">
	will define me as the creator of the document.  When the 
	comment feature, the 'C' command in Lynx, is used, Lynx will 
	use the "href" value as the destination of the comment.   (not in VMS)
  o  Now uses the 2.9 version of the WWW Common Code Library. (not in VMS)
  o  Uses the full HTTP/1.0 protocol.
  o  The environment variable WWW_HOME is now recognized. 
  o  Updated search routines.
  o  WAIS support. (not in VMS, except gateway functions)
  o  Optional Emacs-style key definitions.
  o  Gopher Directory format has been changed to show verbose information
        by default, and the screen format has changed.
  o  'V' is now used to "View" the bookmark file.
  o  'G' is now used to "Go" to a random user specified URL.
  o  Tildas are removed from the first character of mail messages to
        prevent security holes in the UCB mailer.
  o  Installation has changed slightly to make the process easier.
	See the INSTALLATION file in the distribution.
  o  Support for ISO_LATIN1 entities.  At least in vt100 modes. (not in VMS)

* features followed by (not in VMS) are not currently available under VMS.  
  These features are dependent on the 2.X version of the WWW Library which
  has not yet been ported to VMS.

The following bugs have been fixed:
  o  Terminal handling under VMS is fixed.  
  o  Shells return to the original directory that Lynx was started in.  
  o  Socket closing problem under Multinet fixed.
  o  Fixed (added) VMS comment routines.
  o  Ctrl-R and Delete are now passed correctly under VMS.
  o  The VMS workings are significantly cleaner.
  o  Lots and Lots of other small and medium bugs that I didn't write down
        and now can't remember.

Thank You's:
  o  Foteos Macrides -- Foteos worked some very long hours with me and on
        his own improving Lynx.  He deserves complete credit for almost 
        all the VMS improvements and several other bug fixes.  

  o  Thanks to all the people who contributed bug reports, fixes and 
        performed pre-release testing last week.  

As usual send bug-reports and comments to

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