Re: Imcompatible HTTP/1.0 on different severs

"Tony Johnson (415) 926 2278" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1993 16:19:37 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Tony Johnson (415) 926 2278" <>
Subject: Re: Imcompatible HTTP/1.0 on different severs
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>>   b) (e.g: the CERN server) return the requested document with no  
>>      header. 
>	This is a deliberate bug introduced by the -DXMOSAIC_HACK
>	option in the libwww.  It is put in because otherwise
>	XMosaic would not be able to read anything except for
>	plain text and HTML. The MOMENT that mosaic uses HTTP2
>	then all servers should turn off this hack! 

I don't quite follow the logic here. Why does the hack to support HTTP/0.9
for mosaic have to affect the behaviour of the server when a HTTP/1.0 client
is trying to connect. This makes it very hard to try out HTTP/1.0 now, and will
also make it difficult for mosaic when it does support HTTP/1.0, unless all
servers are instantaneously upgraded.

If the hack is changed to affect only the HTTP/0.9 protocol now, then the 
transition to HTTP/1.0 will be easy and not involve any instantaneous upgrades
in the future.

Or have I missed something here??

Tony Johnson