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From: Peter Ryall <peterr@MEADDATA.COM>
Subject:      Interest in WWW/Z39.50 sub-group?
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> Fellow ZIGies,

>   Is there any interest out in Z39.50 land for starting up a very informal
> sub interest group to talk about how Z39 & WWW could someday play together,
> interface with each other, form 2 parts of a combined application entity, or
> simply coexist in the same environment.  If interested people desired, we
> could broaden the scope to include any hypertext & compound document
> technologies that might be able to work in conjunction with the search &
> retrieval capabilities of Z39.50.

>   I'm really more interested in finding ways to either: incorporate more
> intra-record navigation & inter-record (hypertext) retrieval capabilities
> into Z39.50, or interoperate with other mechanisms (such as WWW or HyTime)
> using interactive record interchange, translation gateways, or import/export
> vehicles to accomplish hypertext linking & compound record transfer (notice
> I very carefully avoided the use of 'syntax' anywhere).

>   Anyone interested can either send replies to me directly or to the list -
> what is the thinking of other folks - should we keep this within the list
> or separate?

> thanks...Peter

Perhaps this could also be seen in the context of the IETF UR* work.   The URI  
(Universal Resource Identifier) working group already has on the table  
proposals for URL (Universal Resource Location), URN (Universal Resource  
Name), and URM (Universal Resource Modifier).  It could make sense to have a  
Z39.50 request within this framework (URM ?).

The UR* effort has among its goals to provide a standard means of accessing  
all Internet resources.  WWW is certainly something that could utilize such a  
request, and Gopher/WAIS are candidates too. 

I think both the ZIG and UR* efforts would benefit from some joint work.  The  
UR* community already has representation from the MARC world.  

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