New VMS client for WWW.

Dudu Rashty +972-2-584848 <>
Date:     Sun,  18 Jul 93 23:28 +0200
Message-id: <18070093232835@VMS.HUJI.AC.IL>
From: Dudu Rashty +972-2-584848 <>
Subject:  New VMS client for WWW.
Status: RO
                                VMS WWW BROWSER
                               Ver 1.0 - July 1993
                          Hebrew University Of Jerusalem

This client is based on WWWLIB1.1 and WWWLineMode client 1.4, A letter version
of this client will be available until DEC 1993.

This version of the client was tested under UCX/Multinet and UCX_APX (Alpha).

This version of the WWW client is a VMS based version supported by VMS/SMG
screen routines.

In the anonymous ftp site at you can find the following:

1) cd www/www_client - Ucx , Multinet version of the client (linked under
Multinet 3.2c and VMS 5.52)
2) cd www/www_client/src - all the source files and a command to link the
client in a different environment.

Documentation about the use of this browser is available from

Some features of this client are:
1) Save important URL in user private list (Hotlist).
2) Mail any document to any Internet address.
3) Download files to p.c (With p.c kermit server)
4) Save or Append documents in user directory.
5) Print documents to printers which are connected to the network
(Printers which Have a logical address)
6) Local search in a document.
7) Navigation within a document is enabled by line or screen stepes.
8) The terminal's keyboard functions keys are defined for specific operations.
9) The commands can be activated by one key stroke.

Special thank to Bjorn Nilsson ( who helped me prepare the
public version.

The use of this version is free for Non commercial use Only.

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