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To: (David C. Martin)
Subject: Re: WAIS
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Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1993 10:02:50 +0100
From: Martijn Koster <>
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David C. Martin writes:

> Exactly.  However, you would like to separate the two functions as it
> would allow you to index information contained in various objects
> (files, etc...) and then utilize that index to return some compilation
> of those objects or some other object (e.g. indexing a database of faxes
> utilizing the OCR text, but actually returning the fax, not the OCR text
> file).

Why do I keep thinking we want the same thing? :-)

Yes, definately separate the retrieval from the indexing.
But how are you going to display the results of the search to the user?
In your example, if I search the database of faxes, I'd want to see a list 
of results like say

	<LI><A HREF="...">Fax</A> from m.koster, 19 Jul 1993, 10K (Score 1000).

rather than just something like:

	<LI><A HREF=".../fax_08932">fax_08932</A> (Score 1000)

Either you build a special server that generates this extra info on the fly,
or you need to generate it beforehand. The latter is far more general.
What I am after is how to best do it, preferably integrated in a HTP server.

-- Martijn
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