Re: Adobe's PDF (Marc Andreessen)
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 93 04:57:25 -0500
From: (Marc Andreessen)
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To: Steve Heaney <>
Subject: Re: Adobe's PDF
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Steve Heaney writes:
[after Marc says, more or less, that SGML sucks]

> Pthptt !!

Just a quick note to y'all out there -- I hope that no one confuses my
particular prejudices with where Mosaic's going to go -- we will
definitely do HTML+, no sweat.

Meanwhile, I think we oughta collectively buy Dave Raggett a beer for
his excellent work on the HTML+ spec.  (Hmmm, he won't be in
Cambridge; guess we'll just have to buy ourselves beer instead... :-)

"Good Lord, it's 5 AM."