NCSA Mosaic for X 2.0 prerelease 0 available (Marc Andreessen)
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 93 16:18:35 -0500
From: (Marc Andreessen)
Message-id: <>
Subject: NCSA Mosaic for X 2.0 prerelease 0 available
X-Md4-Signature: e891d2ab906947155baf9d15e607a3b6
Status: RO in /Mosaic/prerelease.  Source, plus binaries
for Sun, IBM, SGI.

This prerelease is mainly to get the HDF browsing support into
circulation; complete changes from 1.2 include:

 o Native HDF browsing support, and resources to support it.  
 o Search keyword is now in a dialog box.  
 o Mouse tracking, including display of target URL.  
 o Bitmaps in Gopher interface.  
 o History list now tracks jumps to internal anchors.  
 o New and improved PostScript printing (courtesy Ameet Raval and Frans Von
   Hoesel); see below.  
 o Usenet news reading problems and other bugs fixed.  
 o DTM support updated to Collage 1.2-alpha equivalent.  

No libwww2 support, yet.  (In the middle of working on it.)

See README and README.HDF on the FTP server for more info.  Comments
and feedback appreciated -- THIS IS UNSUPPORTED CODE, however; if you
want stability, get Mosaic 1.2 (/Mosaic/xmosaic-binaries and


Marc Andreessen
Software Development Group
National Center for Supercomputing Applications