Re: How to print <IMG SRC="file">
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> How can I print images <IMG SRC="file">?
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> Omy

If it is enough to get the image printed outside its context, the file
could be fetched via XMosaic to an extern viewer and printed or saved
and then printed.

To give an example of this there is, in the document (also name
a refence lookin like this:
<IMG SRC="/luth/logo.gif"> (line 7, second line in the body)
If you do an explicit 'open' in XMosaic and then enters the URL:
XMosaic starts your gif-viewer (xv is default) with the image.

If a document that has, for example, the URL:
and contains a refence looking like:
<IMG SRC="pics/gif/illustration.gif">
The address to give XMosaic to fetch this direct would be, as the
SRC-specification is relative the containing documents path:

I hope I covered the essentials, if anyone thinks otherwise I happily
accepts careful flaming (-:


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