Re: Documents and Manuals menus in Mosaic going away (Frank Baker)
Message-id: <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1993 09:32:21 -0400
To: (Marc Andreessen),
From: (Frank Baker)
Subject: Re: Documents and Manuals menus in Mosaic going away
Status: RO
I think you are on the right track (and a necessary one).   I had wondered 
why all those documents were coded into the menus ... it seemed like a simple 
problem eagerly waiting to become an administrative nightmare!

I would like to request/clarify two things:

(1)   >> The Help menu, of course, will stay.

      Do I interpret this correctly when I assume that this will provide
      a clear and intuitive entry to COMPLETE "How to Use Mosaic" docs?
      (I.e., the entry "NCSA Mosaic Manual" on the Manuals menu will 
      migrate to the Help menu.)

(2)   Will there be a menu entry accessing the centralized documents which
      will in turn give inexperienced users some intuitive way to get out 
      to the Web?  E.g., will be a built-in pointer to the central index
      described below?
      >> I'd rather leave new server tracking, etc. to the central index 
      >> of Web servers at CERN + Mosaic What's New + demo document
      Of course, a maintained link in the Mosaic Home Page or in the
      Tutorial would also work.

      (Brand new users are always going to need some sort of help getting
      around at first.  And Mosaic will spread faster if their first
      experiences are satisfying rather than frustrating.  But you know that.)

Thoughts off the top of my head...

-- Frank