LaTeX to HTML Translator V0.1

N F Drakos <>
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From: N F Drakos <>
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Subject: LaTeX to HTML Translator V0.1
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Version 0.1 of the LaTeX to HTML translator is now available.
For more information see:

The translator:

 o breaks up a document into sectioning components, 
 o provides a next, previous, and up navigation panel on every page,  
 o handles equations, tables, figures, and any arbitrary environment
   by passing them to LaTeX and including them as HTML inlined images, 
 o handles definitions of new commands, environments, and theorems, 
 o handles footnotes, tables of contents, lists of figures and tables, 
   bibliographies and can generate an  index, 
 o translates cross-references into hyperlinks, 
 o provides hooks for including arbitrary links (internal to the 
   document or external) as commands, 
 o can deal sensibly at least with the Common LaTeX commands 
   summarized at the back of the  LaTeX blue book [1], 
 o will try and translate any document with embedded LaTeX 
   commands irrespective of whether it is complete or syntactically legal.  

The translator is written in Perl. It is possible to get acceptable
output if you just have Perl but to use all the above features you will 
need latex, dvips, gs (ghostscript) and some utilities from the 
pbmplus library (pnmcrop and ppmtogif). Also, because of the heavy 
use of inlined images in the final HTML output, it would
be better to have a viewer which supports the <IMG> tag
(e.g. NCSA Mosaic). 

[1] Leslie Lamport.  LATEX User's Guide & Reference Manual.  Addison-Wesley
    Publishing Company, Inc., 1986. 

Nikos Drakos
Computer Based Learning Unit
University of Leeds.