RE: OL numbering

Terry Allen <>
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From: Terry Allen <>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1993 14:16:16 PDT
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Subject: RE: OL numbering
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Here's how we did it in the Docbook DTD:

<!ELEMENT OrderedList   - -  (ListItem+)>
        <!ATTLIST  OrderedList
                Numeration      (Arabic | Upperalpha | Loweralpha
                                | Upperroman | Lowerroman) Arabic
                InheritNum  (Inherit | Ignore)  Ignore
                Continuation  (Yes | No)  No >

Numeration is what Nathan is looking for; InheritNum indicates that 
the previous level of numbering should continue for a nested list
(that is, 1.A for the first item of a list nested at second level,
instead of just A); Continuation means to pick up the sequence of
the last closed ordered list (one list has four items, then you
break for some paras, then start another list at number 5 instead
of number 1).

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