Re: flame: choose _here_ to get information
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Subject: Re: flame: choose _here_ to get information 
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> This is just a little rant about two style issues in hypertext that
> I'm seeing more of and don't like much.
> The first is the _here_ syndrome, e.g.: 
> 	Information about Blah Blah Blah is available by clicking _here_.
> where the word _here_ is the link. This style is really awkward; when
> you click on 'here', you have to look around to make sure it is the
...... lots deleted ...

When I first started constructing HTML documents recently I looked
around for some guidance as to style - like was it prefered that you
use "Click here" or embed links more subtly? I saw examples of both so
was unsure which might be considered better style. My instincts follow
Larry but I sometimes found it hard to construct an appropriatly
grammatical sentence.  A document which showed a variety of examples
of preferred styles for presenting links would be extremely helpful
for beginners. I expected to find such examples in the "style guide"
in the World Wide Web project information, but no such luck.

Kathy Carter