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Subject: Re: news 
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Date: Wed, 04 Aug 93 10:42:57 EDT
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Well, I have an archive web accessible, but I haven't hacked on it in a while
and it is *very* buggy.

For now, the archive does

	- No indexing
	- Lists only the last 25 messages
	- and lets you read them
	- when it feels like it

When I get time, it will

	- work consistently (yeah, right)
	- allow you to do searches
	- allow you to access any message (not just the last 25)
	- have an even spleftier interface than it does now

For now though, have fun and look at it.  If it doesn't work, try it again
in half an hour. Sometimes it will only return blank pages and stuff, because
I haven't had time to debug it and I have a job. :-)

<a href="">WWW-Talk Archive</a>

					Matthew Gray


	Sometime soon, will be upgrading to a DS5000/25