Re: Servers for WWW/HTML?

Tony Sanders <>
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Subject: Re: Servers for WWW/HTML? 
In-Reply-To: David Martland's message of Wed, 04 Aug 93 16:10:02 BST.
Organization: Berkeley Software Design, Inc.
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1993 11:35:38 -0500
From: Tony Sanders <>
Status: RO
> Does server software exist to produce HTML marked up (Unix?) manual pages
> on request? Presumably this sort of application would be generally useful, for
> example for individual hardware manufacturers, program manuals, PC manuals etc.
> In short, any type of on-line manual which has structured manual pages.
> I am sure that there are servers around the world which do this, but it
> would make sense if the software were distributed to take a load off the
> host machines, and also to speed up access for end users, who would access
> local rather than remote servers.
Yes there are several

for sample code: