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Omy Ronquillo writes:
> I understand that if I issue the command
> 	xmosaic http://some.cpu.com/welcome.html
> This will set the HOME page to this welcome.html file. Right?


> If I were to set up a button in one of my tools called help and I
> want to hypertext link it to a different file- say sometool.html,
> how can I make the button "HOME" go to the original welcome.html
> file?  The help button will be a call to xmosaic
> http://some.cpu.com/sometool.html.  Does anyone have a better
> suggestion in doing this?

Fork off Mosaic with the appropriate argument for the home page, and
then use the remote control feature to tell Mosaic where to go to get
the document you want the user to view at any given moment.  That way
you can run a single Mosaic as a child of your application that
handles all of the help functionality and is driven directly from the
application when the application needs it to do something.  See...



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