Announcing W3 For Emacs v.935

"William M. Perry" <>
Subject: Announcing W3 For Emacs v.935
Date: Fri, 06 Aug 1993 20:42:44 -0500
Message-id: <>
From: "William M. Perry" <>
Status: RO
Hello all,

    W3 is a hypertext (specifically World Wide Web) browser for
emacs.  I wrote it because I am an emacs-dweeb and had nothing better
to do during a graveyard shift one night.  I've kept going at it
because I don't know when to quit, and people seem to like it. :)

    The browser supports all HTML elements, and every url type except
wais - which will be coming soon, as soon as I figure out how wais.el
works.  If you are using Lucid Emacs, Epoch, or Emacs19, W3 will
support multiple fonts, highlighting, etc.  If you are using a version
of Epoch that was compiled with the add-graphic-zone extensions, you
will be able to view inlinded images within the emacs buffer
(currently supports 11 types of embedded graphics, but you must have
the pbmplus package to use this)

    This is to announce version 0.935 Beta of this browser.  I was
waiting to release version 1.0 (nonbeta) until I got more HTML+
support put in, but I am going to be swamped with final projects soon,
and wanted I don't seem to have broken anything while fixing the other
stuff. :)

    Major Features:
    	1. Full access to HTTP, FTP (via ange-ftp), news, local files,
    	   gopher (via gopher.el), telnet, mail, and local files.
    	2. Support for HTTP/1.0 (basic - only supports the GET method,
    	   but then again, no servers support anything else but that
    	   yet either :)
    	3. As much compatiblity with Xmosaic as I could think of
        	a. Group annotation server support, adding & deleting
    	    	b. Personal annotation support, adding & deleting,
        	   although I need to work a few bugs out
    	    	c. Hotlists, using, adding & deleting
    	    	d. A history mechanism, and a function to write it out
    		   to the .mosaic-global-history file in the correct
        	   format.  (Also an easy way to view the history in a
        	   hypertext manner)
    	4. Support for passing files to external viewers, or emacs
    	   lisp functions.  (ie: files ending in .gif can be sent to
    	   "xv", files ending in .el can be sent to 'emacs-lisp-mode.
    	   (Format is like for auto-mode-alist - regular expressions,
    	5. Support for MIME types when talking to an HTTP/1.0 server
    	   You can specify 'viewers' by MIME content-types. ie:
    	   image/gif can be passed to xv.
    	6. Basic Hyperbole support (thanks to
    	7. The ability to 'preview' an emacs buffer as an html
    	8. Infinitely nestable lists (finally :)
    	9. more more more more :)

    This package can be obtained via ftp from in
/pub/elisp/w3.  The file extras.tar.z contains auxiliar files I use in
w3 (ange-ftp, nntp, background, gopher, forms, wais, and html-mode).
The file w3.tar.z contains all my lisp code, LaTeX documentation, and
a makefile to simplify installation and modifying your .emacs file for
the lisp-squeamish.

    The LaTeX documentation has been transformed into HTML by the
great latex2html translator by Nikos Drakos.

<A HREF="">For the main files</A>
<A HREF="">For support files</A>
<A HREF="">For documentation</A>

    If you pick up this package, please send me some mail letting me
know.  I'll put you on a mailing list for beta versions/bug fixes if
you wish.

    If you discover any bugs, please let me know (fixes welcome, but
not necessary)

    	Bill Perry (