Re: Annotations futures (Jay C. Weber)
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 93 04:04:00 PDT
From: (Jay C. Weber)
Message-id: <9308101104.AA04401@yoyo>
Subject: Re:  Annotations futures
Status: RO

> From: Nathan Torkington <>
> > I haven't been following this discussion at all, but using
> > character-offsets seems like a pretty weak mechanism for marking
> > annotation positions when you have the SGML structure of a document
> > lying around.
> Fair enough.  Instead of character-position offsets, do you mean
> 	fourth H1
> 	third H2
> 	second para

This is the kind of reference scheme I asked for in my note on HTML
Diffs (a generalization of annotations).  Looks like overkill, though;
is it worth numbering by type -- "fourth H1" as opposed to "fourth
object" -- since it is probably better to avoid applying diffs to
incorrect versions via the hash checks Nat mentioned?

"Objects" in SGML sources are easy to define, just divide the source
into tag instances and the text among them, and number sequentially.
Then we'll want a way of referencing tag substructure, say "the value
of the HREF parameter of the 10th object".

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