Re: WWWWW Notes

Nathan Torkington <>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1993 17:38:43 +1200
From: Nathan Torkington <>
Message-id: <>
Subject: Re: WWWWW Notes
In-reply-to: Tony Sanders's message <9308102156.AA06138@austin.BSDI.COM>
References: <9308102156.AA06138@austin.BSDI.COM>
Status: RO
Tony Sanders writes:

>   The ultimate goal was to define HTML and HTTP/1.0 at a fine enough
>   level that we could issue RFC's and have a stable base to build on.

What's the status of this?  There are interesting developments afoot
that I want to follow closely.

> Other goals were to study the HTML+ proposed RFC and define what
> could be done and what could not

Any news of a browser/etc for HTML+?

> We also talked about how to define Style Guides so authors could
> provide hints to browsers about how to render their documents best.  A
> new annotation protocol was also designed.

Descriptions of either?

>     * Scanned images of all attendees (except marca) online :-)

Why not marca? :)

> * The <LINK REL="Style" HREF="..."> for style guides (in my
> print-out it has <LINK STYLE="...">).


> <BR>
>     I forget what this was supposed to be, I think it means force a
> line break

But that's presentation! :-) :-) :-) :-)

> <HR>
>     Horizontal rule, replaces use of ---------------------

See above! :-) :-) :-) :-)

> allow nested lists (DL NL DL)
>     ala NCSA Mosaic


> <IMG ALT="text to display if you can't display the image" SRC="" ISMAP>

Ought to be mandatory :)  Some of us dial in, you know :)

> White Space is to be folded
>     This means "foo  bar" should render the same as "foo bar".

Yes!  Will this also get rid of the annoying libwww whitespace
irregularities around <DL>s?  (see for
an example)

> Authoring Tools
> ---------------

What kind(s) of authoring tools are we looking for?  Could an idealist
please post a list of wanted features for would-be developers to work

Thanks for the notes.  Who were the Official Note Takers?