Re: WWWWW Notes
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 93 17:24:54 EDT
Original-From: hotsand!rhb (Rich Brandwein)
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Subject: Re: WWWWW Notes
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>  Subject: Re: WWWWW Notes
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>  > I led this subgroup in the hope that someone would
>  > offer their whizbang WYSIWYG HTML editor.  No luck.
>  > - tkWWW is an HTML editor, but has a bad interface and is
>  >   hard to use.  User's said vi was quicker.
>  This looks like the only choice that's close to being "there".  Maybe the
>  UI problems can be addressed?

Actually, I was one of the people who complained about the tkWWW, but 
for whatever reason (maybe better libraries...?) it works great
now.  The editing is still quite kludgy, but the following
is from a message I received from Joe Wang a week back (hopefully
he doesn't mind my reproducing it...):
|> 	I've looked at your history file, but I don't see any
|> revison numbers after version 0.8 so I can't tell exactly where
|> my client is.  What I'm particularly interested in is support
|> of inlined images, like Mosaic.

Real inlined images won't be available until around January, because it
will require some changes to the tk code itself.  Version 0.9 (coming out
in two weeks) will at least show the images as tags which are hyperlinked
to the images themselves.

|>  I think the editing functionality
|> in tkWWW is fantastic (at least compared to all the other 
|> choices currently available) and is my defacto editor now
|> (and believe me - I've tried everything).

If you like the editing capibilities of tkWWW 0.8, you'll love tkWWW 0.9.
Some contributors have combined tkWWW with the editor provided by jstools.

Rich Brandwein