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Tony Sanders <>
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Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1993 20:16:34 -0500
From: Tony Sanders <>
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Nat sez:
> is a controversial wee document about where I think WWW markup should
> be going.
    They both make efforts to encode the semantics of the document (for
    instance, ``this is a heading'', ``this is emphasised text'') rather
    than attempting to encode the presentation of the document (for
    instance, ``this is 9pt Roman'', ``this is centred, bold, text'').
    I argue that this is not a sensible direction to take.

But it is sensible, as soon as you specify *real* presentation it's not
portable.  However...

What you call "abstract presentation" is exactly what we are doing now.
Most of the things you propose are *already* in HTML+, (some even back
washed into HTML like <HR> and <BR>) so what is the problem?

Style Guides then go a BIG step further in allowing authors to
design layout.