Re: anchors with the same name. (Lou Montulli)
From: (Lou Montulli)
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Subject: Re: anchors with the same name.
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 93 21:23:05 CDT
In-Reply-To: <>; from "William M. Perry" at Aug 12, 93 7:53 pm
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> ...  In the file,
> the lists get indented too far after QUINCEY KOZIOL entry because of a
> missing </UL> in his entry.  My list handling code does this too -
> any ideas on how to detect it?  Xmosaic formats the list just fine.
> *sigh*  My life would be so much simpler if Xmosaic wasn't so
> accomodating of bad HTML :)

I Agree completely!!  This is my official plee for marc and eric to
stop supporting such bad html.  Some of the things they have done 
I agree have usefulness, but there is TOO much tolorance for other
things that should never be tolarated.  Bad nesting is a good
example of this.  I can understand letting users put a <p> anywhere
in a document, but some of these other things UGGGGG!  Don't change
it now but remember that a golden oportunity exists with the 
release of xmosaic 2.0 to eliminate the crap.  Would someone be
willing to write a bad HTML to "mostly" valid HTML converter?
If we don't stop it now it will just get worse.

I purpose that we submit a list of the bad markup that is tolorable.
(i.e. <p>'s anywhere, etc.) That way we can all support these things
and maybe even write some consistent documentation.  All the rest,
like headers in lists, bad anchor/list/emphasis nesting, etc.
can be expunged.

Sick of bug reports because "It works in Mosaic",
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