Accept: Client Profile

Tony Sanders <>
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Subject: Accept: Client Profile
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Organization: Berkeley Software Design, Inc.
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1993 01:43:49 -0500
From: Tony Sanders <>
Status: RO
Ok, check this out now.

It now strictly deals with Accept: attributes (I cleaned it up a bit).
Thanks to Keith for the feedback on the first pass.  Come on you
browser writers and hypertext authors speak up, what do you want/need.

In case anyone doesn't know what the Client Profile stuff is about; it's
a way of allowing the browser to tell the server what it can do (black &
white or color, how many colors, how big is the screen, etc etc) so the
server can return the most appropriate data (if it's smart enough).

I need browser writers to make sure they can provide this information
(either by knowing the answers or having the user setup a config file).
This isn't important stuff right now but if we want publishers like
ORA to use the Web then we need to make stuff look nice on a wider
variety of platforms.

Question:  Should we give up on archive/*, MIME already went and
defined application/zip for PKZIP files so I'm about to give up
on the idea and use application/*.  Anyone care?
I wanted archive/* so I could map it to ``pax'' in a single bound
as it handles most archive formats that I care about. e.g.:
    archive/shar -> save-as
    archive/* -> pax -s/^\/*//
pax handles bcpio cpio sv4cpio sv4crc tar ustar and soon gtar and
it's freely available.