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Tony Sanders <>
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Subject: Re: WWWWW Notes 
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Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1993 11:41:11 -0500
From: Tony Sanders <>
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> What might be really nice would be if the style sheets themselves could be
> formalized in some fashion, so that a document could consist of a semantic
> component (HTML, HTML+) and a presentation component (HTPL?) which would
> indicate how each (named?  semantic?) region should be presented.  
It is.  I keep asking someone to post a pointer to the spec.

> A WYSIWYGBNWOMG (8-) editor could generate the two components.  If different
correct, this was covered at W^5

> these HTPL's could be referenced in a standard way by a document LINK, or by
> an attached annotation.
That's the plan <LINK REL="Style" HREF="http://.../authors_style_guide">

> Any discussion as to how HTML+ would have to be modified to allow this kind of
> thing?  It seems that as long as you have named containers that you could do
> quite useful (and specific) things with this without losing generality.
HTML/HTML+ doesn't change at all and it's pretty trivial to implement.

> One test of the viability of a HTML+/HTPL solution would be if it would
> allow you to be flexible in controlling where an image would go in a page
> relative to text.  NCSA Mosaic is rather frustrating in this regard
> currently.. it would be nice to be able to center an image on a line,
> for instance, or to have text wrap around an image..
It's hard to do too much of this in a device independant way.
Write a proposal and post it.