Re: adherence to DTD's, etc. (Michael Mealling)
From: (Michael Mealling)
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Subject: Re: adherence to DTD's, etc.
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 93 23:33:41 EDT
In-reply-to: <>; from "Marc Andreessen" at Aug 14, 93 7:55 pm
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Marc Andreessen said this:
> (e) If a certain browser supports certain formatting features, quirks,
>     options, or black magic above and beyond the specified formatting
>     language and it turns out that many information providers *choose*
>     to take advantage of those features even at the expense of making
>     it difficult or impossible for other browsers to properly handle
>     their documents, then this is proof that such a feature deserves
>     very close inspection as something that should be a standard
>     supported feature across all browsers: "the market has chosen".

With the small corrolary that if the above does happen that everyone is
nice about it. Not liking people because of the protocol quirk they support
is kind of silly. ;-)

(The above isn't meet as a slam on anyone. Just something I've observed
happen in computing in general: "I like DOS and you like UNIX therefore 
I don't like you, nyeah!")

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