re: Accept: Client Profile (Fred Williams)
From: (Fred Williams)
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Subject: re: Accept: Client Profile
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 93 20:12:17 EDT
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I do agree that certain formats are not understandable unless they are
rendered.  My comments are based on the Mail to www-talk by Tony
Sanders ( ) dated Aug 11/1993 `MIME Types for HTTP'
which had included richtext and HTTP within the text type but
allocated TeX and LaTex to the application type.

It seems to me that because both TeX and LaTex contain the entire
readable text, bounded by formatting, as does HTTP and richtext that
the intent of the document could be derived even if it was not

Fred Williams

PS: I have CCed www-talk with both my last message and this one
however it does not seem to be echoed to the discussion group.  Do you
know if this is a proper or should I just post directly to www-talk