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Subject: Re: Lynx
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 93 18:34:03 CDT
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I'm posting this back to www-talk because I think it has general

> I thought I'd offer a suggestion on IMG ALT="" since
> you are implementing it now.  It seems to me that there
> ought to be 3 possible results:
> IMG  (no ALT attribute)    	[IMAGE]
> IMG ALT=""			<no display>
> IMG ALT=string		[string]
> I'd like to see the second result implemented because
> it may not make sense for us to indicate
> that an image is there.  For instance, our home page uses
> a tiled graphic as a kind of logo.  There are
> actually six image tags used to create it. In the character-mode,
> I'd rather drop the logo altogether rather than display
> six tags.  
I agree this sounds resonable.  Some may complain that [IMAGE] should
not be displayed at all, so if no ALT is given show nothing.
I think having [IMAGE] appear is better because there are alot of
existing documents that can't be viewed without some form of image
place holder, and having [IMAGE] come up in documents will help to
remind people to put in ALT's for their IMG tags.

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