Re: anchors with the same name

Terry Allen <>
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From: Terry Allen <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1993 14:53:59 PDT
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       "Re: anchors with the same name" (Aug 18,  3:44pm)
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To: (Marc Andreessen)
Subject: Re: anchors with the same name
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Marc, with respect, your browser puts out a lot of error messages.
What's so hard about reporting that the document is marked up
incorrectly---even if you don't report all SGML errors?

For example, I recently found that one of our editors, an 
experienced typographer, had created a set of heads that
looked like this:


Because they looked okay in Xmosaic, she didn't bother to
parse the document.  But she had an illegal, ambiguous,
construction.  Can't your parser tell when it hits something
like this?  

Even something so simple as "Markup error in [URL]" would
help, because you could go and parse the file with sgmls to
find the error.

Of course, it is good practice for publishers (that means all
of us if we put up files at our sites) always to parse their
files before archiving them.  


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