Problems with info
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 93 08:48:20 +0200
Message-id: <>
Subject: Problems with info
Status: RO
Three problems with since beginning of last week:

1- info disk full
2- duplicated mail
3- inability to unsubscribe

1- disk full:
The disk of the machine was full.
Because of the setup (security, NeXT unusual here, ...) and some  
problems elesewhere on the CERN site, it took some time to make  
The disk is no longer full, and though I suspect that the mail  
duplication problem and the unsubscribe problem was due to this, I am  
not sure.

2- duplicated mail:
If you see mail duplicated again, please DO NOT react so as to avoid  
an avalanche. I will rely on two individuals to bring this to my  
attention through mail sent directly and only to me: Tony Sanders and  
Marc Andreessen. I have consulted the local e-mail supervisers who  
are diagnosing the phenomenon.

3- Those of you who want to unsubscribe from www-talk, I have  
consulted the local experts and I have a list of names to be removed.  
Be patient, we work on it, and apologize for the inconvenience.

Robert Cailliau
World-Wide Web Project
CERN -- European Laboratory for Particle Physics
CH-1211 Geneve 23 (Switzerland)
Tel. +41 22 767 5005