Some user problems with SCS pages (Mike Kelsey)
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1993 21:32:34 +0000 (GMT)
From: (Mike Kelsey)
Subject: Some user problems with SCS pages
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After a recent announcement from Les Cottrell re: China networking info
in the SLAC SCS page, I've been exploring the information available there.
I've run into a few problems or annoyances.

1)  SCS not accessible offsite.  As Les has explained to me, the SCS stuff
contains some SLAC-proprietary information, so the SCS page is been made
inaccessible to non-SLAC nodes.  Unfortunately, it also contains a lot of
extremely _useful_ general information.  Also, SLAC has a huge community
of offsite users, and I for one would rather run WWW locally than have to
log on to a SLAC machine every time.  Perhaps the SCS top level page could
contain links to "proprietary" and "non-proprietary" pages, and only the
former could be disabled?

2)  Giant PostScript.  The item "SLAC Networking Maps" is a graphical
PostScript file which I guess shows the structure of the SLAC Ethernet.
Unfortunately, xmosaic thinks the file is too big, and puts it through the
"Document Structure" processor, which displays the PostScript source as a
two-part TEXT file :-(

3)  Intermittent access.  This morning, when I tried to get to the SCS
home page at all, I got an error message that xmosaic was unable to access
the information server "heplibw3".  When I FINGER'ed this node from Jupiter,
I discovered that it was in fact SLACVM, and was perfectly accessible.

I know these are probably minor problems, but since I haven't been able
to get past them, I don't know if there are any major ones out there :-)

						-- Mike Kelsey
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