Pre-release version of tkWWW available
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 93 20:33:54 -0400
Message-id: <9308250033.AA18587@theodore-sturgeon>
Subject: Pre-release version of tkWWW available
Status: RO

I've uploaded a prerelease version of tkWWW-0.9 to  It's
now in /pub/incoming/joe, but I'd like for it to be moved to

This version has a few enhancements in that it now uses WWW library
2.09a and is compatible with TCL 7.0.  I've done a general rewrite of
a lot of the code, which means that it is highly buggy right now and a
lot of things don't work.  It's mainly for people interested in tkWWW
development to let people know what is going on.  Use it at your own